Rather than have us tell you how useful our product is, we invite you read what our clients have to say about our "Dare to Compare" product, and how it has helped their businesses:


We at Price Leblanc Toyota/Nissan/Lexus use the Dare to Compare Online Automotive Comparison Tool. We find it incredibly useful not only for helping close customers but for training our sales staff. We use this tool daily and it is a great tool for any dealer to integrate into their sales process.

   -- Todd Ledet, Sales Manager, Price LeBlanc Auto Group



We signed up for Dare to Compare the first time we saw it and enthusiastically integrated it into both our website and our Intranet.  We feel it gives us credibility on the web with someone who wants to see a third-party comparison of how our vehicles stack up against the competition. It also it gives us credibility on the sales-floor when the salesperson has a customer who wants to comparison shop.  Add to that the education it gives our sales people on how Mitsubishi compares to the competition in a format that is always on their desk and always easy to find -- it's easy to see the value of the Dare to Compare Tool.

   -- Don Herring, Don Herring Mitsubishi



Dare to Compare" proved to be an excellent tool for training and comparative guide for potential buyers. As a trainer it allowed me to focus our salespeople on the strengths of our product against specific competitive models without having to search for the information -- saving considerable time and effort. It also served as excellent 'source book' for in store presentation to buyers.

   -- Jim Clarke, Used Car Manager, Levis Mitsubishi, Baton Rouge, La.



I used the Dare to Compare site when purchasing my last automobile. I found the tool very easy to use and as a woman it was the best site I have seen to explain things in terms that I can understand. I would highly recommend it.

   -- Mellisa Campbell, Mitsubishi Customer & Dare to Compare User



“The "Dare to Compare" link offered through Mitsubishi Academy is my number one selling tool…” As I am certain you [C.A.R.] are well aware, consumers spend an inordinate amount of time shopping between brands. On numerous occasions (at least twice a week if not more), I have helped my customers make an informed decision by printing out the competitive analysis offered through the Dare to Compare Site. It is difficult enough to ensure that I know all of the features, benefits and specifications on my product line let alone those of other manufacturers. Your service is wonderful, easy to use and understand and is of tremendous benefit to me as a sales professional--and my clients.

   -- Caroline Kirby, Beck Mitsubishi, St. Augustine, Florida