Online Comparisons - "Dare to Compare"

Comparative Automotive Research, LLC is the sole owner and distributor of the "Dare to Compare" Online Comparison Tool. While there are other comparison products on the market, what makes this product revolutionary is the way that we collect compiles and display complex automotive data so that a layperson can interpret and understand it. "Dare to Compare" compares (2) automobile models (e.g., Honda Accord vs. Toyota Camry) and outputs the Advantages - the "manufacturer's advantages" - of the primary vehicle over the secondary vehicle.


This output, completely in narrative form, is simple to read and understand. Another unique aspect of this tool is the extensive use of 3rd-party vehicle data as an integral part of the comparison process. "Dare to Compare" uses information from sources such as The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) which is responsible for compiling consumer crash test data, Consumer Reports, Car & Driver, Motor Trend and many other well-respected mainstream publications. This is a tool that needs to be used to fully understand how incredible it is. Not only is it a wonderful sales tool but is highly effective as a sales-training tool for new sales associates, support for new product launches. etc.


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Website Development

Comparative Automotive Research is the leading automotive research company in the USA; however, we also produce some of the most cutting-edge and professional looking dealer websites. Tired of being held hostage by the "big automotive design companies" that shall remain unnamed? Is your Web site not only boring looking but an ineffective sales tool? We offer great design, that will help you sell more cars, at affordable price. And, because we are a full service and support company, and not just purely a design company, we are available to help you keep your Web site looking fresh and up-to-date. 


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Car Configuration (Build-a-Car) Tool

Give your online customers the ability to Build Their Car inside of your dealer Web site, just like they are able to do on the National Manufacturer's Web sites.


What are the advantages?

  1. You allow your customer to tell you exactly what they want, giving them the feeling that they have control over their vehicle choice
  2. You keep the customer ON YOUR WEB SITE instead of sending them off to the National Manufacturer's site where they may very well end up at another, closer, dealer's Web site
  3. Obtain high-quality, "warm leads" coming from the "Build-a-Car" tool since the customer is taking the time to "build" the exact vehicle they want and send you that information to act upon.

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Online New and Pre-Owned Inventory Solutions:

- Automated DMS Polling and Listing of Your Current Inventory Online


It's a fact that over 85% of buyers looking for a new or pre-owned vehicle do the majority of their research and shopping online before visiting a dealership and interacting with a salesperson. That said, can you really afford NOT to have your complete New and Pre-Owned vehicle inventories available on your Web site for all of those customers to search/view? If you don't, you're passing sales on to your competitors that do.


We can make this an easy and painless process. We can poll your DMS system and pull your complete New, Pre-owned or entire vehicle inventory for display on your web site. From there, your customers can search, view and/or request more information about any vehicle in your inventory. Via an automated process, that does not require anything from you after the initial setup, we can poll your DMS as often as you like to ensure that your vehicle information is up-to-date. And, as an added bonus, we display your inventory in BOTH English and Spanish, making your Web site more user-friendly to all of your customers. Please contact us today and we will tell you how we can help your dealership.


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