Dare to Compare Online Comparisons - FAQ


What are the Top 10 Features and Benefits of the "Dare to Compare" online application?

  1. The application is Web-based; therefore, it can be accessed from anywhere in the dealership. It can also be linked to the dealer's Website
  2. Reduce walk-offs, increase sales
  3. Online evidence manual – no books, magazines, binders to keep up with. Access all of this information online
  4. Increase Sales – use the tool to promote “Indirect Selling”. Allow the customer to run comparisons at their own pace with any pressure from a sales associate
  5. Accurate Reports showing you what your customers are shopping, shopping against, and overall usage
  6. In-House Trainer – use the tool and all the data within to train new (and existing) sales associates
  7. Everything is Web-based. No inventory for the dealer. Updates are seamless and released in real time. You only need a computer and Internet connection
  8. 3rd-party data and test results. Sources include Road & Track, Consumer Reports, Federal Crash Tests, and many more
  9. Comparison files (and data) is updated regularly
  10. Our comparison tool will be viewed as a “Independent Research Company” to your customers

How can my dealership utilize “Dare to Compare”?

  1. Sales Tool
    Consumers can use the tool for independent research, to find the advantages of one vehicle over another, while comparison shopping on the Internet.
  2. Evidence Manual
    Major automobile manufacturers and/or individual dealerships can use Dare to Compare to show the value and advantages that their product line has over their competitor’s product line.
  1. Training
    Individual automobile dealerships can effectively utilize the tool to train both new and experienced salespeople on the benefits and values of their product line, as well as its advantages over direct competitors.
  2. Reporting
    Not like any other comparison tool - once enrolled, you will receive a unique “key” that will provide access the tool. This key will track what comparisons your customers run. This data can be very useful and is easily accessible, via the Internet, in customized reports. Below are just a few of the values that this reported data provides:

How can I get the Dare to Compare product in my dealership(s)?

It's easy! Contact Comparative Automotive today and will send you a unique and secure link to use within your dealership. You may also place this link within your Web site so your online customers can begin making comparisons as well.

How much does this product cost?

Price varies depending on how many lines are needed (ex: Toyota, Nissan, etc). The more lines that are purchased the lower the cost. Rates as low a $240 for an FULL YEAR of access The product is updated daily with new data. If you factor in the amount of internal training the product can do as well as the usefulness of the application as a sales tool; you can see its a great value.