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Welcome to We are the technology company which created "Dare to Compare"; one of the most useful and comprehensive automotive sales tools in the marketplace today.


The "Dare to Compare" Online Comparison Tool can be utilized as a stand-alone product, in your salesperson's office or on the showroom floor, and can also be easily integrated into your company's website allowing your online customers to use the tool.


Unlike other comparison applications, the information displayed in the "Dare to Compare" tool is written so that the average, non-technical, consumer can easily see the value and understand the advantages that your vehicles have over the competition.


Because "Dare to Compare" is a third-party product - not affiliated with your dealership or dependent upon any manufacturer for information - our product is able to give your salesman an independent credible source of information.


We also offer other dealer solutions like Build a Car, Inventory feeds, custom web design, spam filtered email, hosting, and much more. See our products page and/or visit our parent company's site at


Best advantage-based comparison tool on the market

Only automotive-based comparison product to use 3rd party data (ex: Crash Tests, Consumer Reports, etc)

Web-based output in narrative form so anyone can interpret the data and specs


Affordability and ease of use

Professional sales and support team

Volume discounts